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"Two months ago I decided to try Zumba. I gave it a try and I finally realized that besides some workout I needed lots of motivation and that's why I found in Zumba class. Today I feel with much more energy, more confident and I already feel that my hips are easier to move, I couldn't say that the first two weeks. I love love love all the music that Carol or the other instructors play. In just one hour you travel around the globe with music from America, Europe, Asia... this is what keeps me coming to Zumba, a very fun class that lets me do some workout as well." 

Madeline G, Broomfield, CO

"I can't begin to describe how much fun I have at Zumba.  I was in dance classes from the time I was 4 until I was 16 and have missed dancing ever since then.  Zumba allows me to get a GREAT workout and have fun!  I started working out for health and weight loss in January using the everyday exercise equipment (Ellipticals, Treadmills, Bikes, etc).  This was fine, but when a friend invited me to Zumba in March - I glady came and had a BLAST!  I now regulary attend 1-2 times a week and look forward to it every time.  I have now lost 50lbs since the begining of the year!  I think the key to exercise is finding something you love - and this is it for me! "   

Cathy B.

"Hello my name is Karen B.  and I love my Zumba Class.  Needless to say I am addicted.  My Tuesdays and Thursdays are not complete without getting Zumbatized first.
 I joined Carol's Westminster City Park 10:15am morning class in April of this year. (42 punches ago). I very rarley miss a class (I am always in the front row) except for when I am on vacation.  ZUMBA has become such a part of my routine.  I feel energized (love the music and choreographed routines) and I know this class has added the exercise piece to the healthy lifestyle I have been able  to develop for myself.  I know that I can attribute some of my weight-loss of 20lbs this year to my frequent attendance in my Zumba class.
 Carol is a great instructor who has a sincere passion for what she does and makes every class she teaches so much fun you can't help but want to come back for more. As a matter of fact, I am going to take advantage of the extra classes on Monday and Wednesday nights whenever possible.
 Thank you Carol for this wonderful class and I am looking forward to your incorporating toning into your routines in January."
Karen B.
Zumba Junkie

I am currently the only guy in the Tuesday - Saturday classes at the CPFC, and these sessions are part of my regular, weekly exercise routine.   I may not exactly follow every step, but I have a lot of fun trying.  I follow the six day per week exercise program as described in the book, "Younger Next Year," and ZUMBA is a major part of why I currently feel younger than I did last year!  These sessions are the most enjoyable part of my week.  The music is fantastic, and Carol and her associates put high energy, effort, and variety into the choreography to make it fun and entertaining with every session.

Don P. - Westminster

Hi Carol! 2 facts before I begin my testimonial....1) All my life, I have disliked any form of "exercise."  2) I have never felt passionately enough about anything to write a testimonial.   ZUMBA has completely turned these 2 "negatives" around! So, here goes......
Thus far, in my 66 yrs, ZUMBA is the first and only "exercise/workout" program that has inspired me in ways I could never have imagined. Who would have thought that exercising using dance moves to salsa/latin music with a little lady gaga and andrea bocelli mixed in could result in amazing toning, strengthening, cardio fitness - the "whole enchilada," and having so much FUN at the same time?! During class, I actually "catch" myself in the mirrors smiling without even being aware that I am smiling because one cannot help but love every minute of the class along with the fabulous instructors! Thank you ZUMBA for  enriching my life with dance, with music, with fun, and with a healthier lifestyle!         Karen Westminster

I tried Zumba 3 months ago after trying every other possible way to lose weight left over from my pregnancy.  I went once and was completely addicted.  The hour flies by so quickly, because I have so much fun!  The music awesome, and it is so much fun to just dance.  I feel more confident in myself, and people have definitely noticed the 10 pounds I have lost, and comment on how toned I look.  I go three days a week, each day with a different instructor, and I love the differences in what each one has to offer.  I will be forever grateful to Carol and her instructors, for giving me the gift of health through Zumba. 
 Andrea L. Westminster
Weight loss, energy level, toning, etc., are all a part of what Zumba has done for me, but the bottom line is FUN! FUN! FUN!
Throughout my life I have been involved in numerous dance forms:  Classical Ballet, Hula, Tap, Modern Jazz, Ballroom, Latin, Square Dance, Line Dance, and a very strange college course called Interpretive Dance.  I've "Burned it Up" with Jitterbug, Swing, Polka and Be-Bop.  I've "Gotten Down" with the Twist, the Stomp, The Monster Mash, and whatever else came along.  
Zumba is the best of these and more.  I can now add to my repertoire, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Merengue, Bollywood, and Belly Dancing!
The tiny three letter word "fun" is not nearly large enough to describe how I feel about Zumba.  Let's try Fabulous Frolicking Fun, and we may be getting closer!
Liz C. Westminster